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Nepali People enjoying festival together...

Nepali People enjoying festival together…

Welcome to eNepal! The place where you can find absolutely anything related to Nepal and Nepali community. Extremely close to being an all purposes modern and exhaustive encyclopedia, eNepal is a vast online domain that specializes in connecting Nepal, Nepali people and Nepali businesses.
Still, eNepal offers much more than that. It serves as a beacon of knowledge and guidance for everything related to the Nepali Community in the UK and worldwide. It acts as a directory, entertainment center for music, videos and events and also as a news portal along with a classifieds section.
As a directory, it specializes in linking to other websites and categorizing those links. It then displays the website by category and subcategory. eNepal has a very wide range of categories and follow as such: accountants, beauty salons, builders, catering services, clothes, colleges and institutes, community organizations, computer services, consultancy, digital media, translation, embassies and consulates, fashion, financial advisors and service, money transfer, government offices, hotels, migration agents, real estate and so much more!
As an entertainment center for music, videos, events and news, eNepal provides its visitors with hundreds of videos on various topics of interest, as well as songs that suit all preferences. As for the news that it presents, it is safe to say that nothing important and relevant or of true actuality escapes them.
The classifieds section is another strong point of eNepal. It allows registered users who are part of the community to post job offers, find dates and even housing. It has quite a few sections of public interest such as: for sale, help wanted, jobs and employment, personal ads, service sector and renting.
Another valuable part of the website is the blog. This is a great place where the community can gather and share information of interest and much more. While most posts are in Nepali, you can find a number of blog posts written in English.
All in all, eNepal is a solid website that offers a great deal of resources for the Nepali people and Nepali community in the UK, both in terms of professional and personal interest. eNepal: connecting Nepal, Nepali People and Nepali Business in the UK, Together!

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